The management of Nuvista Homes is dedicated and committed to provide an effective safety management system that demonstrates and protects all of the employees, trade partners, suppliers, the public and the customer, in a spirit of cooperation.  Furthermore, Senior Management recognizes the workers’ rights to work in a safe and healthy environment.

Management, Supervisors, Employees, Suppliers and Trade partners are all responsible and accountable for the overall safety initiatives as set out by Nuvista.  Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job, is necessary to achieve safety excellence.   It is a Nuvista  mandate that we are all responsible for following the required procedures, working safely and consistently improving safety measures to ensure an injury and incident free work environment.


For the protection of our visitors, including customers and the general public, Nuvista  has set out certain practices and conditions that must be adhered to. It is the responsibility of Nuvista personnel to ensure that any visitors are aware of all hazards and that all steps are taken to eliminate and/or control same;

  • All visitors must be accompanied by Nuvista personnel, and all customers must make an appointment to view houses under construction;
  • Nuvista personnel and visitors must be wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, safety footwear, safety glasses, as may be required for protection against hazards that may be present. Visitors might not have access to safety footwear and, so long as conditions permit, may wear sturdy, solid footwear.  At no time will flip flops, high heels or shoeless feet be allowed.
  • All personnel and visitors must complete a hazard assessment and should take reasonable measures to institute engineering techniques, systems, work practices or administrative controls to eliminate or reduce as much as possible the hazards present at a work-site;
  • All personnel and visitors must be at minimum 16 years of age;
  • Entry into the house is prohibited if any workers are present in the house as this creates unexpected and unnecessary hazards to workers and visitors;

Entry into the house is prohibited if conditions exist where there is or may be exposure to an airborne contaminant or combination of airborne contaminants in concentrations exceeding applicable Occupational Exposure Limits. (e.g. spray painting, sanding, carbon monoxide)

Please note this does not take precedence over the OH&S Act, Regulation and Code.  All personnel should be familiar with the OH&S Act, Regulation and Code.

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