At NuVista Homes our talented team is committed to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. It is at the heart of everything we do.  Our long standing commitment to this vision has been a result of our stable staff tenure, and is demonstrated through our quality customer service. 

Office Staff

Mike Plumton-sm

Mike Plumton

Vice President

Mike Plumton, founder of NuVista Homes, has been designing and building homes for over 30 years. Mike is an exceptional leader who values his team.

Sandra Downey

Sandra Downey


Sandra has worked for NuVista Homes since 1998 and is a fabulous team player.


Stephen Quin

Operations Manager

Stephen has been in the building industry for over 25 years and has been a part of our team for 10 years.

Shailene Smigelski sm

Shailene Smigelski

Junior Estimator

Shailene has been a fabulous addition to our team since joining us in 2010.

Jenny Godfey

Jenny Godfrey

Customer Liason

Jenny joined our NuVista team in 2001 and has being dedicated to assisting our team and customers ever since.


Courtney Johnston

Customer Liaison

Courtney has just joined the NuVista team in 2013 and brings a commitment to customer service that is admirable

Chelsey Scarpino

Chelsey Landry

PO Administrator

Chelsey is a delightful member and joined us in 2010. She has since been promoted to PO Administrator.


Richard Grainger copy

Richard Grainger

Construction Manager

Richard has a vast amount of construction knowledge and has been with NuVista Homes since 1999. He is a tremendous asset.

Julie Lee

Julie Lee

Construction Coordinator

Started with NuVista in 2003 and has a total of 22 years experience in the industry. Julie is a great asset to our team.

Courtney Grainger

Courtney Grainger

Assistant Construction Coordinator

Courtney started in 2013 working out in the field as well as in the office. Her versatility and work ethic make her a great asset.


Sheldon Chabun

Site Supervisor

Sheldon has worked in construction since 1995. He has been a great addition to our team and has joined us in 2016.

Bill Germain-sm

Bill Germain

Site Supervisor

Bill has been in the building industry for over 30 years. His knowledge and work ethic has been a valuable asset to our team.

Dean Eastwood

Dean Eastwood

Site Supervisor

Dean is a fabulous member of our team and has been an important part of NuVista Homes since 2001.


Jason Jacobs

Site Supervisor

Jason has worked in construction since 1992 and New Home Construction since 2002. He has been a great addition to our team.


Warren Gramlich

Site Supervisor

Warren has worked in New Home Construction since 1997. He has been a great asset to our team.

Paul Laframboise

Paul Laframboise

Site Assistant

Paul joined our team in 2010 but has worked in new home construction for over 10 years. We are glad to have him on our team.

Kelly Plumton

Kelly Plumton

Site Assistant

Kelly joined our NuVista team in 2010. Her work ethic and dedication is admired by her peers.



Valerie Scott

Service Co-ordinator

Valerie has extensive knowledge of new home construction and the processes making her a qualified service co-ordinator.

Steven Kidd

Steven Kidd

Service Technician

Steven is integral part of our team and has been with us for 15 years. His passion for quality customer service is second to none.


Robert Kerr

Service Technician

Robert joined NuVista in 2014 and is a great asset to the service department. He has been in the construction industry since the early 80's and in warranty since 1993.

Sales & Marketing

Betty Cosh

Betty Cosh

Sales Manager

Betty has been with Nuvista Homes since 2006. She is an excellent team member who is multifaceted.

Wendee Bishop-sm

Wendee Bishop

Marketing Manager/Creative Director

Wendee joined our Nuvista team in 2010. She has a passion for the industry and has worked in it for over 18 years.


Glenda Elliott

Sales Administrator

Glenda has worked over 17 years in the new home industry. Her wealth of knowledge is a great asset.


Earl Raatz

Graphic design & social media

Earl has worked in the graphics industry since 2001 as well as had several years of new home construction.

Susan Sandberg

Susan Sandberg

Area Sales Manager -Evanston

Susan is a great addition to NuVista Homes with over 7 years experience. Since coming onboard in 2010, Susan has had many happy customers.

Hal Firotte- sm

Hal Firlotte

Area Sales Manager - Cochrane

Hal has just joined the NuVista team in 2012 and heads up the Cochrane community. Hal has great customer service.


Mike Kennedy

Area Sales Manager - Redstone Phase 7

Mike Kennedy has worked many years in new home sales and is a great addition to NuVista Homes.


Carlos Martins

Area Sales Manager -Redstone Verandah

Carlos has worked in the real estate industry for many years and is a valuable asset.

Tania McLachlin-sm

Tania McLachlin

Area Sales Manager -
Ravenswood / Cooper's Crossing

Tania has worked in new home sales for the past 8 years and has been a fantastic asset to NuVista Homes.


Estee Tsabah

Area Sales Manager - Silverado

Estee is a great addition to our sales team with two years experience in new home sales. Her enthusiasm and strong customer service skills also make her a great asset.


Colleen Spicer

Area Sales Manager - Harmony Villas

Colleen brings to us a wealth of sales as well as financial experience and is an excellent addition to the sales team.

Ron Carrier

Ron Carriere

Area Sales Manager - Inner City

Ron has been a part of the NuVista team since 1992. He is providing Realtor services for NuVista's clients and has a great deal of knowledge.

Adrienne Musci

Adrienne Mucsi

Sales Associate - The Willows

Adrienne has been in new homes sales for many years and has worked with us since 2009. She has a fabulous disposition and is multi-faceted.

Melinda Merkle1

Melinda Merkle

Sales Associate - Evanston

Melinda started her career in New Home Sales in 2005 and obtained her Professional Home Builders Institute of Alberta Certificate. She joined our NuVista Team in 2009 and been a great asset.


Kyle Amos

Sales Associate - Cooper's Crossing

Kyle has built his entire career on an enthusiastic passion for personally serving his clients and is a welcome addition to NuVista Homes.

Kellee Davis

Kellee Davis

Sales Associate - Ravenswood

Kellee's years of experience has brought her to the NuVista Homes team and serves as a great addition.

Sandy Narender

Sandy Narender

Sales Associate - Redstone

Sandy has worked at NuVista Homes for 2 years before becoming a sales associate and her great attitude has earned her respect among clients.


Kam Brar

Sales Associate - Redstone

Kam started with NuVista homes in 2012 as a hostess working her way up to sales associate. Her great organizational skills make her a great asset as a sales associate.